Intellectual Property Conference

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Now I share my dream of all my friends and viewers of the world. In future I organize A Intellectual Property Conference in my country or world. Educated & uneducated person all are participate this Conference.
Though uneducated person have no educational knowledge but they have a costly thing. Not only them everybody have this costly thing. If they use this thing properly, they must be successful.
Educated person who knows something expertly.If he/she share this for the people who were interested, this are beneficial. Educated people helps to uneducated people by sharing their knowledge and develop their skill. If they use uneducated people's brain properly they will prosper to develop their life.

Many of uneducated people who are work as a labour. They have no education. But they have huge knowledge about their own works. They also gather experience of their works. They know how to easy to do their work. What is the advantage of this work. How to develop their work.They help many people by sharing their knowledge. It is too much effective for them who want to a professional & expert of this work. Such as a shoemaker who have no education but huge knowledge and experience about his works. If he share his knowledge and experience to a person who want to his career as a shoe expert is very effective of his professional life. That is very beneficial mater of our society and world.

In this way many uneducated people who works various kind of job help many people from their practical knowledge. And it is possible for use their brain.Many people may be thinks what is the relation between Brain and practical knowledge.They think practical knowledge is a physical work not a mental work. So why practical knowledge is related by brain. I am also agree with them. Practical knowledge is gather from a physical work. But for their kind information I'd say that physical work and mental work both are needed to use brain properly. So Brain are main fact for both of this.

Educated and uneducated both of brain are essential for our society or world. If we use properly we must effectual our life and quickly change our life by developing. Unemployment problem is one of the most important problem of the world especially third world's country. We solve this problem by solving this problem.

That is brain. Which is more powerful than Super computer. So why we think we are poor. We do nothing, But we have a most valuable asset. I want to help this poor minded people by information with brain summit.Yes It is possible to people to raise awareness about their brain by Intellectual Property Conference.. I hope all of my friends are help me this work & together we change our world.

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